Apollo 11 Standard Spa Pack (Does Not Allow 2 Speed Pump 2)

(121 customer reviews)

$399.00 Taxes only applicable to residents of Pennsylvania

Apollo 11 Digital Spa Controller /Spa Pack / Replacement Spa Control System with Heater, Top Side Control & Sensors. Can be wired for 120 V-240 V 3 wire or 240 V 4 wire

Standard Pack Operates 2 speed Pump 1, 1 Speed Pump 2, Ozone Generator, Light, Blower/Pump 3, Circulation Pump
Standard Pack Does NOT Allow 2 Speed Pump 2
Do I Need The Standard Pack? If you don’t have a 2 speed pump 2, then the standard pack is what you need. Not sure? Click here to view our buying guide.


designed, assembled, and supported in americaThe Apollo 11 Standard Spa Controller is an economical, easy to install, and a complete control system that can be used to upgrade or replace the original control system for most hot tubs and spas. This replacement hot tub pack includes a heater, top-side control, and sensors. It is a direct replacement for many OEM systems and if your spa currently uses a 15′ heater and the equipment plugs are Amp style this system should be a direct replacement. If not some re-plumbing may be necessary, and the pump cords may require an adapter, to be changed.

  • Works with either 120V or 240V spas.
  • Three heat modes Standard/ Economy and Weekend to save on operating cost by allowing you to choose whether you want the water hot all the time only on weekends or economy heating.
  • Preset filtering for 2 hours twice a day maintains water clarity. Filter time can be set or use the default time.
  • The system can be plumbed to either the intake or the discharge side of the pump.
  • System is designed to be installed by qualified spa technician.
  • Electrical connections to be made in accordance with state and local codes and in accordance with national Electric Code.
  • Spa must be connected to a GFIC.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2.5 × 15 in
Compatible With

120V, 240V

Heat Modes

Standard, Economy, Weekend

121 reviews for Apollo 11 Standard Spa Pack (Does Not Allow 2 Speed Pump 2)

  1. Kristi

    Outstanding Product & Customer Service!
    The new top side controller is much nicer looking than the one we replaced. The system was well labelled. We had some problems with some of the connections, and probably spent about an hour on the phone with Henri. He was incredibly patient, and our hot tub is running once again. I would definitely buy a product from them in the future.

  2. Robert H. Holden II (verified owner)

    My experience was awesome especially with a great service tech guy that had great knowledge and patience with me. Even after several calls I feel great and the system is everything they said it would be at a great price. I am your # 1 fan now and in the future.

    Denver Colorado (green Valley Ranch)

  3. Robert Matthews (verified owner)

    Great product and concept at a fantastic value. Instructions were very detailed and user friendly. Any do it yourselfer would have no problems as long as you read all the enclosed documentation carefully. If you need something clarified you can always get a tech on the phone who was very knowledgeable and helpful and that would be” Henri”. He was extremely patient friendly and always helpful. The controller was shipped promptly, packaged carefully and included great laminated instruction cards for set and for daily use. None of that came from the original manufacturer. It is very obvious that a great deal of planning and effort was put into the production, sale and future use of this spa controller system. I am extremely satisfied with their product and glad to have the use of my spa again. Thank you all at Trinity labs.

  4. Chris Angelillo

    This is a great product. installation was very easy. excellent customer service. service tech was very helpful and knowledgeable. this is a mint replacement solution. my hot tub is over 20 years old. I have replaced the main control board 3 times over the years, this unit is all inclusive and a fraction of the price of the original replacement board. I was going to scrap the whole tub until I found this site. now for $299 I have my hot tub back and my wife and I are loving it again. this is a great product supported by a great customer service force. I would highly recommend this to anyone. you will not regret it! 🙂

  5. val glo

    Best customer service ever. Mr. Derbie is the man. Piece of cake to install, i would definitely recommend the system and the customer service.
    Thank you and God bless

  6. Frank Zajaczkowski (verified owner)

    This is a really great product with excellent customer support. The Apollo 11 is exactly as described on the site. Easy to install, operate and the menus provide ample options to modify. I was replacing a 20+ year-old unit and this new unit was perfectly designed to replace all original options and functions. Bravo! Great design, great product! Would highly recommend to others. Thanks especially Honre’ who was exceptionally knwledgeable and helpful on the phone for simple follow-up questions.

  7. Dave (verified owner)

    I’ve owned this Apollo 11 digital box for 6 months now and THE thing is still working great. this is unbelievable for what I paid for it, OUTSTANDING customer service with very little problems hooking it up. I would highly recommend this product.

  8. Will Sladaritz

    I ordered the Apollo 11 V Spa pack and received it in 6 days. I installed it on my 17 year old Coleman model 455 hot tub with no problem. it was a very easy installation. The original Coleman replacement parts would have cost over $1,200 so I saved big bucks on the repair. Only had one minor problem after installation with the gfci tripping when ever I switched the breaker on. Called the number listed and immediately was connected with Henri who asked me a bunch of questions and then suggested switching the transformer switch from 120 v to 240 v. Thanks Henri, everything is operational now and my bride is very happy because she is now able to go out and cook her old bones at 104°F again.

  9. Keith Johnson

    Installed this one month ago. I like that it is made in america!! So far seems like a well made unit although the connections for incoming power are very small and not sturdy. But overall a great replacement for my 20yr old baja spa. Its outside right now humming along in 11 degree weather! Thank you trinity

  10. Marvin

    We ordered the VC pack and 48 hours after receiving we are using the spa! The Cost for a complete Trinity system was less then a board replacement for our older Leisure Bay tub – so glad we went this route. The power hookups are a little small for the unit and the instructions a little scattered but After studying the pics and wiring diagram things ironed out quickly. Thanks for a great product and service! God Bless.

  11. Dave Anderson

    IT Was easy to install. I made 2 phone calls to a trinity TECH.TO Double check myself. Works great! Very satisfied. 5 stars.

  12. Skip (verified owner)


  13. james pinckney (verified owner)

    Great American made !!!!!!!!! product !! Outstanding tech help also!!

  14. Andy Seals

    This was much easier to install than I thought it was going to be. Once it was set up, it was up and running in no time. I feel like I have a new SPA again! Well worth the money!

  15. Terry

    Great product. Highly recommend it. Easy to install and excellent tech support.

  16. GR Miller (verified owner)

    Easy to install. Good support from Henri. We like the multiple modes of operation – standard, economy, weekend. Would like maximum temperature to be a few degrees higher.

  17. Mike (verified owner)

    Great product. Easy install and smaller than that bulky old unit. Works fantastic. It was very reasonably priced.

  18. Russell Thomas (verified owner)

    While I like your product, I find your warranty difficult. Have had THREE Appolo 11’s and the last two failed to allow pump 1 to operate within 6 months of use.
    A proper warranty would replace the unit.

  19. Brian Wirt (verified owner)

    I could NOT be happier with the Apollo pump and The service from Trinity! Took a 30-year-old, analog hut tub that wouldn’t work and within about 2 hours it was good as new. As far as 18 months later I had issues with other components in the tub (pumps, etc) and the technical guidance I received was outstanding! I Have been using the tub airy every day for the past 2 Years since we installed the Apollo.

  20. Mike Bellavance (verified owner)

    Apollo 11 pack is the best! It is quality, convenience, and user-friendly! I would recommend this product to anyone.

  21. Mike Bellavance (verified owner)

    I would have to say the price is remarkable, The adaptable system awesome, and the user-friendly components easy to install. It’s a great product you can trust and rely on!

  22. Jeannette

    Attractive easy to use control panel and a noticeable drop in my electric bill. Nice clean and clear DIAGRAMS. Easy product ordering helpful staff.

  23. Loren Dick

    Easy to install and affordable compared to other brands. Up and running great with no problems

  24. Michael Sykes

    My friend and repairman suggested this unit as He’s heard good things about it and it was reasonably priced. We are extremely happy with it. Thanks for making such a great product.

  25. Keith

    Straight forward and easy installation. This has been in service for over a year and is working perfectly.

  26. Jonathan

    Phenomenal product that breathed new life into my SPA. It’s been amazing having a functioning hot tub again!

  27. joey park

    I had to replace the touch pad. At first, it would say pump failure. I knew nothing wrong with pumps because I checked them first. So, the next day I turn it on says the same thing. So, I wait for another day when the temperature is warmer and it fires up. I contributed this to some ice in the pump as it wouldn’t let it start. It’s running fine now, and I programmed it to heat up on weekends. I’m really happy with it. The technical support was great.

  28. Daniel Melton (verified owner)

    Great product and reasonably priced. Pretty much plug and play, and saved hundreds since I DIDN’T have to use an original controller.

  29. Michael Sapp (verified owner)

    I cannot say enough about both the quality of the product and the fantastic customer service provided by Trinity Electronic Labs. The technicians were always friendly, helpful, and patient. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs hot tub replacement parts. I will certainly continue to give them my business.

  30. Don Belt (verified owner)

    I had to install either a new spa pack or control board. Price was about the same. As long as all other items (blower, circ. pump, water pumps, ozonator…) are working, installation was pretty easy. Took about 2 hours to completely install. Have had the pack for almost a year and am very pleased with it. I replaced a hot springs vanguard control board. Help is just a call away and it doesn’t come from India.

  31. John W Allums (verified owner)

    Lots of changes since my last spa pack (from spa guts). This new one has 3 options for heating: economy, weekend or normal. The temperature sensor is located in the stainless heat tube (not in the tub!) so you may notice a cooler temperature than indicated by the LCD display. Easy to install, although I ordered 220 heat and it came prewired for 110 volts. Easy change/fix. My tub is outside, so I cut an ice chest to cover it.

  32. James Ferolie (verified owner)

    Simple to install. Replaces controllers double or triple the price. Henri and his support staff are very knowledgeable. I strongly recommend this product. I have one in my swim spa and one in my hot tub.

  33. Bernie


  34. Bob and Jean Bondiett G X

    The unit was almost a perfect fit under my tub. A little fettling to change wiring output side, mounts and it’s in! Controls could be a lot easier to program, I’m afraid. My wife took some time to figure out how to set the programs and time. I still haven’t figured it 18 months later. The time clock loses 30 minutes a month so she has to reset it EVERY now and again. The price, ease of fitting- this is the way to go. The company being easy to deal with is a bonus.

  35. John Hutchinson (verified owner)

    Great product, hooked up easily and most important correctly. Has been installed for almost a year now and not a single issue. Don’t look any further, buy this unit!

  36. Todd (verified owner)

    This was a great fix for my tub. A circuit board would have cost me $800. I got a new control, heater, and a circuit board for $299. Great deal and an easy installation. I have had it for 5 months and no problem.

  37. DAVID BLANKENSHIP (verified owner)

    Awesome product. My daughter’s hot tubs circuit board burnt up and there was no longer a replacement available. This product was a great fix and easy to install. I had a few questions and Henri is the man!!!! Awesome product at an unbelievable price. I have told my friends about this place. Thanks again.

  38. Mike Dawley (verified owner)

    I delayed fixing my hot tub for way too long and I finally found this product. It was a direct replacement for much less than the original. Support before and after was exceptional. The display fit my opening and install was easy thanks to the materials and documentation provided. Thanks!

  39. Alan Faulkner (verified owner)

    The product was exactly as advertised. Installation was straight FORWARD and worked the first time. It doesn’t WORK the color filter wheel on my light but that’s not a big deal to me. One small PROBLEM with temperature calibration was SOLVED immediately over the phone. The Tech knew the product. The only IMPROVEMENT would be a backlight of THE CONTROL, PANEL.

  40. Allen moody (verified owner)

    What a wonderful product! When I purchased my home, which needed to be restored, the old jacuzzi conveyed. It looked really hopeless but I saw that the tub itself was intact. When I finally went to work on it, I found that the motor worked but was seized. After freeing the motor, it became obvious that the control box was ruined. The new Apollo 11 was a snap to configure and install, and the new digital control panel is precise. I am so proud that this American made product was available to me at a fair price. Best regards.

  41. Sherm Anderson (verified owner)

    Being an engineer myself I am very happy with this product. All of the documentation makes perfect sense. I called the support line with one question and talked to someone who knew the product and immediately answered my question. I like the way the control panel shows self-diagnostics on startup and tells you exactly what it is doing so you have confidence that the overall system is installed correctly and functioning as it should.

  42. George

    Very easy install, and the best support. After 6 months, it is still working fine.

  43. Justin (verified owner)

    The Apollo spa replacement was a perfect fit for my hot tub. The alternative was to purchase the original unit, which was outdated and would have cost me over $500. Instead, this product is designed to fit right into where your existing unit used to go, saving you time and money. It’s also insanely simple to install and operate (just make sure you turn off the power!)

  44. Pete Szobonya (verified owner)

    The Trinity Apollo 11 spa controller is easy to install and it works great. I have no complaints. The Trinity folks are great, and they are willing to answer any questions you may have and they stand behind their product. I’ve had the Apollo unit in my hot tub for well over a year and it has functioned perfectly.

  45. Ron Komorowski (verified owner)

    I agree with all of the positive comments listed above. I always do research THOROUGHLY before I purchase a product. I purchased my Apollo 11 spa pack in December 2016. I have a Morgan Spa built in 2002. The product arrived very quickly and I was very impressed with all the very simple “dummy proof” laminated step by step instructions, they made it so easy to replace my old spa pack. Some minor issues that OCCURRED were quickly addressed by Mr. Darby. Just some minor tweaks, he patiently walked me through my issue and resolved it. What was most impressive was a call to the office on Friday before Christmas expecting to leave a message and Mr. Darby was there and took the time to fix my problem. He even called me back after office hours to ensure everything was ok. What can you say about customer service like this? It was very refreshing to work with this company. No one product is perfect but when a company stands behind it strongly and works for you, that is what makes it perfect. I highly recommend this product and this company.

  46. Mike Schwartz

    I was going to pay to have a service tech come in and service my original Coleman spa pack. For the price I paid for the complete spa pack, I would have paid that for just the service call and repair. With the Apollo 11, I get a whole complete spa pack. It was an easy installation, and no modifications needed. I did have a few questions and called the number on the paperwork and I was up and running in no time. I am glad I picked the Apollo brand

  47. Allen Hance (verified owner)

    The unit was very easy to install however, all I get getting was error messages and a different one each time. I finally got the same error message three times in a row, I decided to install a new circulation pump. After that, I was still getting an error but no message. I called tech support and the technician had me try several things and determined that the relay on the board that controls the circulation pump was stuck. Since he was able to figure that out fairly easy, I believe that this must be a known issue with the board. The technician was great and was able to give me a workaround to reroute the wiring for the circulation pump and also pump 1. After that, the unit started to work and has been working fine. The only other thing about the unit was that it is set up for 12-volt lights and does not provide the wiring parts to use the 120v lighting that is allowed on the circuit board. I will say again that the technician was great and certainly knows his stuff.

  48. Will (verified owner)

    Ordered my part online after talking to a tech who was very helpful with my purchase. It came earlier then I thought it would. After it arrived, it fit right into place and no need to retrofit anything. I had a little trouble with the WIRING and called the tech. He was busy but called me back after hours which was awesome that he went to that level to help me. He walked me through and waited on the phone until startup was done. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to replace or upgrade.

  49. Ruddy (verified owner)

    Excellent fit and replacement. My hot tub works now like new. I highly recommend this product.

  50. Bryan Robinson (verified owner)

    I purchased my spa 5 years ago online. The spa pack has failed 3 times since it was new. The first time was under warranty, the second time I found a technician to repair mine, and the last time I replaced with the Apollo 11. The replacement was simple and straightforward and the cost was much less. I feel confident I will have better service out of the Apollo 11.

  51. Don Bryson

    It says I would receive the pack within 5 days. Instead, it arrived in under 2 hours. I had an issue with the startup. Called tech support and had it diagnosed in 10 minutes. Wrong topside controller (my mistake). The new TOPSIDE controller was SENT and we were up and cooking within 48 hours. Very good.

  52. Glen (verified owner)

    This is a great product and well designed. It cycles through 6 self-tests on power up and points you to the problem (if there is one). It’s much better than the original circuit board that came with the hot tub.

  53. Mark Austin (verified owner)

    After the repairman declared my 1984 Sundance Spa needed a new control pack, and that if he could find a used one it would cost around $1,000. He couldn’t promise that it would work for very long, so I pronounced My spa “dead.” When I found the Apollo controller with the heater for significantly less, I ordered it right away. The most difficult part of the installation was a minor plumbing retrofit and the addition of a couple of adaptors. Henri was very helpful when it came time to get the spa up and running. I feel now like I could go into business rebuilding “over-the-Hill” spas using Apollo/Trinity Labs products.

  54. David Ballinger

    I was searching for a good economical repair for my three Pump Cole man hot tub after having problems with my controller circuit board. I called about the apollo units and read some Reviews and decided to give them a try. I have been Very pleased with the product. It works as described and was very easy To install. I would recommend an apollo to anyone that want To Do a lower cost retrofit and you get The Results Of A much Higher Priced factory unit. Thank you apollo……..David ballonger

  55. Chad Carlson

    Great product! I had a few questions, and the customer service was amazing!

  56. Brian Q Zaccardelli

    This is a great system to update your Spa with!!! The staff of people PLUS the owner are great to work with and answer any questions!!!! THEY HAVE HELPED ME MANY TIMES, AND I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO ANYONE LOOKING TO UPGRADE YOUR SPA TO A HEADACHE FREE PRODUCT….. A1 A1 +++++

  57. Brian Q Zaccardelli

    Love it…..

  58. Walter Frederics (verified owner)

    The Team and product is outstanding. I bought two and put new life into a couple of old Tub!

  59. Jon Sommer (verified owner)

    I have mixed reviews. When it is working, it is fine, the issues have been consistency and quality. I have had to replace the main board two different times under warranty, and I had to pay for the shipping back and forth. That seems unfair to me. I have had a continuing issue with the ozonator power since switching to a 240V pump. The ozonator power stays on all the time, burning out the ozonator in a few months. I have attempted to get this issue resolved, but have not gotten a call back from support.

  60. Dennis Junod (verified owner)

    your spa pack brought my 23 year old spa back to life. it is great to have all the pumps and motors working as they should in all speeds. according to the electric bill, the spa is working using less electricity than before, even through a very cold winter. i highly recommend this new controller and control panel to restore any spa to new operation.

  61. Tim Hermon

    tHIS CONTROLLER DOES EVERYTHING i WANTED IT TO DO. sIMPLE install and great support! I definitely recommend this controller to anyone looking to replace the one on their tub.

  62. Alex Garibay

    I’ve had this unit now for about 3years, IT’S not the best but does it’s job. I wish it could be upgraded. I constantly have trouble with the units Accuracy with the temperature control. It does not work properly with the real water temperature, water temperature would be 96 but the control shows 102! And is almost impossible to make the unit adjust to the true temperature. Otherwise it works ok

  63. Mel Johnstom

    The Apollo 11 was easy to install and works great. The only issue i have Is the control of the reset temperature. When there is a power outage the Temperature resets to 80F. I don’t know anyone that keeps a hot tub at 80F. Where i live power outages and “bumps” are common. I find i am checking the temperature often.

    The programMable controls are A nice feature.

  64. Noel Padilla (verified owner)

    I bought the Apollo 11 spa pack June of 2017. installation was a breeze however my spa sits in the hot south Florida sun. I had to order a new top side controller because the sun damaged the LCD and can no longer see the settings. also we get alot of power surges and the controllers default settings are 85 degrees. it would be perfect If a battery backup to the top side controller were added so you don’t lose your settings. nothing worse than getting into an ice cold spa.

  65. Derrick Charter (verified owner)

    Just what we needed after our control board burnt up!

    Easy to install and works great. The heater is bigger than our last one and heats about 6 degrees an hour.

  66. Daryl

    had trouble at first as i installed mine up side down. Customer service is great at helping out. they are Fantastic in fact… the issues i have had have been easily solved. i would recommend this to any of my friends. excellent unit for a nice price and Great customer service Thank you Trinity Labs

  67. Mike (verified owner)

    So glad I found this product, perfect fit great product excellent service, makes an old tub new again. Highly RECOMMENDED. Easy to install. Thanks for your help

  68. Daryl Power

    was a great investment trinity Labs service is Excellent and so is the spa pack and the Price too.i would recommend it to anyone Thank you Trinity

  69. Howie klahr (verified owner)

    Easy to install. excellent support five stars!

  70. Mitch Farris

    A great product from great people! I had A minor problem with my hoTtub at hoMe, but tech support helped me through it aNd got me up and running. I’m planning to by another unit and upgrade The 110v tUb at our vacation home to 220v.

  71. howie klahr (verified owner)

    Perfect solution to my problem. Henri was great!

  72. Joe Cook (verified owner)

    Easy to install and works beautifully. Saved a lot of money and time. I recommend this solution for a broken hot tub.

  73. Jeffrey M Berg (verified owner)

    The product is well constructed. Needed to replace a Vita spa selectron 200 pack and did not know if was the topside or main circuit board. this unit cost less than replacement of the older components an I also got a new equipment with a new heater element. had to modify existing hot tub plumbing as the new heater unit was shorter that original. adaptor plate for topside not available however, since old one was larger and plastic was able remove guts and cut hole in old topside and use as adaptor. unit operates all equipment exactly as original unit did. the filter mode is not programable as original was however 4hr/day is plenty of filter time for any spa. wish unit allowed for hook-up of external temp. sensor to better regulate the water temp as the temp sensor is integral to the heater tube. the tub is connected to 240v and would not heat more the 100F however indicated that tub was at 104f. Tech had me move amp select jumper and unit now heats and indicates actual temp however, high speed pump will not run at same time heating. upon power loss unit loses set temp and goes to default temp. love the laminated operation/installation sheets. unit installed just over a month now and all working well. every one i’ve communicated with at company has been very professional and knowledgeable.

  74. Jim (verified owner)

    Have an old (2004) Oregon hot springs 110volt Sumatra with bad controller pad from tiger hot springs (they no longer provide replacement parts). I got quotes from several other companies that were much higher than the Apollo, plus trinity electronic lab had a technician I spoke with to confirm fit. the Apollo fit comfortably in the small open space. the instructions were very clear and accessory kits for wiring a must. Once installed the controller took charge testing all components. All I had to do was adjust the temperature. It is heating and I cannot wait to jump in! I seldom write reviews unless well deserved, plus I have a technical background so this is saying a lot.

  75. Wes Meekins

    I gave it 4 stars, because of lacking a couple simple programming functions, however if your like me, and have an 18-year-old redwood hot tub, Caldera, in great shape, in which I just got through refinishing, as well as preparing for the new Apollo 11 spa pack and 2 brand new pumps and motors, with a rubber matted bottom underneath all the components in the pump house area of the hot tub. New cords, and no room for fault! Henri was great, and a very nice guy, if you take your time and install new components to work with your Apollo 11 you will have great success.

    Only 1 issue, the jumper that you remove to make it 110, if you’re having a low heat issue, move it directly to the left on the 2 pins to the left that are vacant. This will change the heating area per say, directed more toward the top side of the tub! And if you’re running a 220v feed to your system, I highly recommend going all the way 220 for your main spa pump, go 2 speed! And a 220 v circulation pump (be sure and switch the inside white wire-line to the available slot connection to change (circulation pump port) to 220 volts inside the pack. Also make sure you have a good earth ground to pack strip on the outside of spa pack; (top left corner), use solid copper, and join your earth grounds in unison on your spa box ground strip-very important! Safety first!

    In response to a couple people having other components fail aside your Apollo 11, replace all main components of your spa, pumps, motors, and spa pack, in addition to ozone generator; they only last for 3-5 years, in which I do plan to purchase one. I believe with a natur2 mineral stick, ozone gen, and installed properly, taking your time to do everything like it says, in addition to getting the proper electrical cords compatible for 1 speed-(circ pump, -220v Recommended) and main spa 2 speed pump (220v 2 speed cord****make sure the red and white wire matches spa pack port 1 configuration to plug inside spa pack***) when I bought them online they sent the wrong one, be careful to get an exact match for your spa pack and connect it exactly as described in the instructions.

    Heating: if you have issues with heating call Henri, and he will walk you through how to switch the jumper if you didn’t get what I was talking about. As soon as I switched it and let the tub sit overnight and work all the air out of the system, it’s working like a champ! If there are any components to fail, I do hope Henri will be willing to make good with any failure, but all good and like new again! Amazing, and as read by others I saved about 1100.00 in spa installation fees from spa service personnel!!!

    If you have accessories use your noggin! use the extra ports on the board, or even use the pump 2 port to turn a set of lights on for your hot tub area, in the spa pack there is an extra terminal for lighting as well that can run cool lights and another terminal in which can be configured with the proper connections a blue tooth device for an outdoor sound system. I do wish it had a dongle for the rs232 topside control port, to convert it to a wireless transmitter (several online) that could be included with the package, and a downloadable app like that other company that sells spa packs that starts with gec…well you get it! And then you could control the functions of the spa by your phone via a downloadable application, through your wireless network, and keep track of your spa’s progress as well as being energy conscious of your homes spa! Do some research Henri, you could put this together for about another 40.00 and be well under that other company’s spa packs retail market.

  76. Barry Udvardy (verified owner)

    I have a very old coleman 250 spa. When a very close lightning strike destroyed to original cocntroller in June of 2015 I went shopping for a replacement controller pack. I happened upon the Apollo 11 (great name – and mission BTW) i was astounded by thhe low price and standard features! I bought it, installed it easily started it up and it tripped the GFCI (ugh!). Quick call to Henri had me looking for some water inside the controller box. Indeed there was a drop of water between a hot wire into the heater and the metal case (ground current correctly triggered the GFCI. Henri had seen this before I’m sure! After that, off and running without issue for these last 3 years. Thank you for producing a great product!

  77. Robert Wooden (verified owner)

    WELL MADE UNIT, WORKS AS ADVERTISED. iNSTALL RIGHT SIDE UP TO AVOID PROBLEMS (NOT covered IN INSTRUCTIONS). Test cycle assumes sensors on the top of the heater.
    Support person answered phone and helped with resolution. cOST EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE TO oem REPLACEMENTS.

  78. Scott (verified owner)

    Great Spa pack. Great price. Up and running within 30 minutes. No problems.

  79. ctjed (verified owner)

    great replacement for my balboa lite pack. This unit’s self diagnostics pointed me to a problem with the 50a breaker in the basement (one pole was bad), changed out the breaker and I was up and running. I had to change the pump 1 lo and high wires (simple, 2 second fix). The Apollo 11 has been keeping my tub at a cozy 102º for the last week! Much cheaper than calling a repair tech to install a $600 pack!

  80. John Stanfield (verified owner)

    Great product. I have had it for a month now. Can’t stress enough how happy I am. I have a 20-year-old hot tub, solid as a rock, no leaks, but have spent countless hours and hundreds of dollars over the years on electrical components. I swapped out all of the guts for an Apollo pack in about an hour. I have been thrilled ever since.

  81. Jeff Burkemper (verified owner)

    I own an older coleman spa and the board went out and the estimate to have it repaired by a local spa repair service was nearly the cost of when the spa was new! I’m thrilled that i found this spa pack. to be honest i was skeptical that something this price would work. let me tell you it does work and works well. it arrived on time, packaged perfectly with super easy instructions and diagrams.with just the basic tools i had the old spa pack out and the new apollo 11 installed in no time. i flipped the power on and it went through the setup sequence automatically and came back to life. it saved my old spa from going to the scrap pile to running as good as new. thank you thank you!

  82. Perry Vaughan (verified owner)

    The controller was very easy to install and Thr fact it Is adaptable for A circulating pump makes it even more desireable. You don’t need to worry about whether to connect the init to the suction or discharge side of the pump which makes placement of the controller much easier. Ive had it installed in my hot tub for a few months now and im extremely pleased with the performance.

  83. Randolph Capocasale, MD

    Great Product and great support. I concur with all the other five star reviews and really no need to say it all again. Above all the company is trustworthy.

  84. Perry (verified owner)

    My controller is running excellent. It was an easy installation I called Henry for one piece of advice and it takes a while to warm up on 110 but once it’s there all I have to do is open the spa top and plop IN.thanks Henri and happy new year all. Go navy!

  85. Trevor (verified owner)

    What an amazing product. We have a swim spa with three jet pumps and a circ/filter pump. I used the pump 1 high to bypass the filter/pump 1 cycling and it has worked great. the whole unit and control panel was less than half the cost of just a replacement board through the dealer. I love it and would highly RECOMMEND this product before you start replacing any stock electrical components. Thank you Trinity!

  86. Ed Jaeger (verified owner)

    Trinity has been absolutely fabulous. I was just about to give up and have to trash my 2002 Master Spa Legend LSX spa because Master spa no long made the top panel controller for the spa. Both Balboa and Spa Guts were very helpful in tryin to help me find a fix to my project HOWEVER WAY TO EXPENSIVE. Bottom-line those companies wanted over $1,200 to replace the heater and controller with a new one. THEY DID NOT OFFER ALTERNATES OR ANY WORK AROUND SOLUTIONS, AND WERE Out of my price range for a 16 year old spa that other wise work fine. Trinity has a product, although not exactly all FUNCTIONALITY of my spa ( 2 REMOTE AIR SENSOR PUMP SWITHES NOT CONNECTED) but gets the job done TO MY COMPLETE SATISFACTION. SHIPMENT was prompt and complete. Henri in service has been great. I like trinity’s PHILOSOPHY of “we would rather have you call and ask than guess”. Absolutely FABULOUS. I called on at least 3 different OCCASIONS during the installation and HENRI was FRIENDLY, professional and very KNOWLEDGEABLE and understanding OF MY NEEDS. sTANDARD sPA CONTROLLER works like a champ for $300 versus $1200+ . tRINITY IS THE BEST COMPANY i BELIEVE i HAVE EVER WORKED WITH AND WAS LUCKY TO FIND THEM ON MY FINAL ATTEMPT TO FIND A FIX FOR MY Spa. tHANK YOU tRINITY AND hENRI . p.s. tHEY ALWAYS ANSWER THEIR PHONE AND ALWAYS CALL YOU BACK IF THEY ARE CLOSED. eD Jaeger, Colorado Springs, CO

  87. Richard Engelhardt (verified owner)

    It does what it is supposed to do, it does it well, and was easy to install. I bought the connector pack and it turned out it was needed.

  88. Daryl Bishop

    I am always a little leery about buying things that are much less expensive than a competitors product. I am a firm believer in “you get what you pay for”. This is the exception. I am very satisfied with the Apollo spa pack. I used it on an almost 15 year old Island spa and it works great. I would even go as far as saying its better than the original. It was easy to install if you just take your time. I didn’t even need to call customer service!!

  89. Bob Butcher (verified owner)

    the spa pack is a great product! It was a perfect fit, very easy to install, and much more user friendly than my old controller. I would highly recommend this product to anyone needing repairs or replacement on an old controller.

  90. mike (verified owner)

    Great Product. Fast Shipping, easy to install,
    My old tub is like new again!! buy with confidence.

  91. Scott Michael (verified owner)

    What a great deal. Trinity is a savior. It took me maybe 20 minutes to swap out my old one and put the new one in and bam. SUCCESS.i also like the way it test everything on power UP.and the CONTROL.panel, you can always see it! Thanks, trinity.

  92. Steven Denny

    Great price. Great help when I needed it. Fully recommended.

  93. Coral Fallstead

    My 18 year old (2001) Coleman 600 series spa started tripping the gfi. Turns out two relays had shorted out to each other, Rendering the hot tub useless. $5k for a new spa or $400 for a new control panel and heater. No brainer. I was worried about fit, but andre helped me out through the decision of which model to install and how to orient it so the heating element was on top of the control panel. after replacing all the male plugs for pumps, lights, etc. I turned on the circuit breaker, the unit ran through it’s test sequence and I had a new tub. that easy and I enjoyed every minute of installing the Apollo 11. Install took me back to my younger days when i used to buy and build heathkit radios and amplifiers. so for my $400 i not only got my tub up and running, i also got the satisfaction of doing it myself. a great feeling. the staff at trinidad electronics are phi-nominal, especially andre. btw ; the original heater was a 4.5KW, but the 5 kw is not a problem. All the wiring supports the 5kw heater which heats the water faster. buy this, you will love it and you will thank me.

  94. Rodney Nye (verified owner)

    This is an amazing product that will rejuvenate your existing hot tub. very easy to install. Great customer support. excellent price. can not be beat. Great engineering and thought went into this product. Very happy with my purchase.

  95. Bret Wooton (verified owner)

    Great product at a fair price. Easy to install and easy to reach tech support. I will definitely be using them again. Thank you

  96. Terry Luce

    My retrofit was unusual, but The tech wizard figured it out for me. Great product but better tech help and follow up.

  97. Phil Opalski (verified owner)

    I was astonished to receive the Apollo in two days. The instructions for pre operation were simple and check listed so I understood functions and operation. Instructions were mounted in laminate cards. Your company has an outstanding product that is worth my purchase decision. I am glad I found your site and am impressed with the Standard pack. I have already recommended your company to two spa friends who may require this upgrade. Good Luck and may God shower his blessings on your crew.

  98. Ronda Kirchner (verified owner)

    Very simple installation on an old hot tub. Customer service is A+++. Called a few times for assistance, superb help. I had this installed and working in less than 2 hours. It is working great and keeps my tub at the selected temperature. Highly recommend!

  99. Steve johnson (verified owner)

    Excellent function. Easy to install. Just follow every step and contact support if needed. Low flow kit for circulation also works great. Great pricing!!

  100. Jessie (verified owner)

    Working great. I was able to use it exactly how I wanted to. Thanks

  101. Frank (verified owner)

    I have had my hot tub for almost 25 years. I installed it and i maintain it. I have changed most of the components myself. i was stumped when the topside control gave me a code of 9 horizontal lines and the tub shut down. after spending time on the phone with the companies tech support all they could tell me was that it was too old to fix and most likely needed a control board.a new control board was $249. and it may not fix the issue..So while searching the internet, i found the apollo11 site. i called to inquire if this spa pac would work on my tub.i described what i have and without hesitation he assured me that it would work. i needed a low flow kit for an additional $20 i ordered it, it arrived in about 3 days, was so easy to install. my wife and i were in the tub that night 103 degrees hoping to get another 25 years out of it i would recommend this product for anyone having issues with their hot tub

  102. Richard Johnson (verified owner)

    Excellent product, clear instructions – I was repairing an older hot tub and needed to replace a bad circuit board. I got the circuit board and a new heater at the same time. The install went well and the tub is now operating like new.

  103. John G Crossman (verified owner)


  104. Billy hensley (verified owner)

    Bin running now for 3 months with know issues easy to install good customer service on installation there was modifications to plumbing but was easy and a good price

  105. Scott Herb (verified owner)

    Order came Quicker then expected,install was easy,had to call For a problem explained what was Wrong and customer service wall mE through process and water temp is at the temp it should be . Has been run 2 months as good or better thaN OME. Thanks for the great product

  106. Kenneth Orum (verified owner)


  107. Tony D (verified owner)

    I have an older spa and i needed to Replace the control pack. Idid a lot of reSearch and came ACROSS this unit. I am very Happy with mY PURCHASE it was sO easy to install nd program. It works great! It made my hot tub new again. Great cus service too! I would defi recommend Buying this unit

  108. Jim lester (verified owner)

    I am happy with the product, it was very easy to install, so far is working great, i had a few issues at first with the wiring but once i got those worked out after a few days have not had any problems with it. I replaced a different brand control so that was where i had wiring issues on my side but they were not the fault of this control. for the price it seems like a very good product, i would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND this product or buy again as long as there are no problems that arise since it has only been installed for approximately a month now.

  109. Daniel Carlson (verified owner)

    Awesome unit that was super easy to install. Turned out to be a drop in replacement for the unit i had as the heating tube was the same. Made it super easy to do myself. Works great and i feel much better about it than the old unit.

  110. JP (New York) (verified owner)

    I saved myself $450 by buying the apollo 11. I was equally impressed by the Ease of instaLling it myself, which took all of 30 minutes and my hot tub was running like new. Thanks apOllo!

  111. Chuck Helps (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Made my tub like new again.

  112. Tony Tiano (verified owner)

    GrEat product priced Right customEr support excellenT got my spa up and running

  113. Joe Guldan (verified owner)

    Great product at a great price with outstanding support!!! Highly recommend

  114. Vic Zielinski (verified owner)


  115. William D Pond (verified owner)

    Great price savings installing this unit-The control board for my spa was obsolete. I had to do some plumbing because my old heater had female vs male connections on my this heater but overall a great value!!

  116. Barry Evans (verified owner)

    PROS: very Elegant and compact unit; thorough test sequence before actually starting to heat; henri gave good advice over phone; very happy to have found a solid replacement for ancient comfortline spa
    cons: no email support!!! unit only heated to 102 max until henri advised how to override (thanks!); still shows old price of $299 on some promotional literature; just a 1-inch hole for power cord, needs a collar for safety

  117. J.McT (verified owner)

    Very easy install. Product was as described. Delivery time was amazingly fast. Great american made product at a great price. Installed 2 months agO, so not sure how it will hold up. We shall see.

  118. John (verified owner)

    Purchased the Apollo Standard SPA pack to replace an obsolete Jacuzzi/Balboa F106000 controller on a 20+ year old Laser spa. The SPA has two single speed 220V motors (circulation (J-pump)/jets (K-pump)), blower (110V), ozonator (110V) and light (12V). Some considerations to think about before I made the purchase was the length of the motor cord for the J-Pump (Pump-1) since the location of the plug on the controller was on the opposite side from the Jacuzzi/Balboa, requiring a longer cord. Also as mentioned in their Q&A area, the light connector on the Apollo controller is four pin vs two pin on the Jacuzzi/Balboa, requiring pin removal and replacement to the new connector. You may also need to consider the length of your power supply line to ensure the installer provided a sufficient service loop to allow connection to the Apollo 11 controller (connection on left of controller for Apollo vs bottom for Jacuzzi/Balboa). Since the Laser spa in obsolete and many parts are no longer supported, this was a good replacement and the tub is up and running for about a month now. Installation took about two hours with the required modifications identified above. Tech Support was very helpful in understanding the 20/50 AMP jumper position, that is not clearly explained in the Installation Guide.

  119. Justin Jones

    Great replacement for a Balboa system. Directions are easy to follow and direct plug-in was a breeze. It was nice knowing everything was new from the board up to the control panel. All functions of the spa worked as normal except LED lights only work on the color green. Old system we could change the color. Not a big loss for the big money saved. Also like all the biblical references throughout the webpage and directions on the spa set up. Anytime you are dedicating your work to the Lord and giving him glory your product always shines. Thanks for a great Spa replacement kit.

  120. Steve K (verified owner)

    If you are in need of a replacement spa pac then look no further. The instructions could not be any better and the installation check list makes sure your unit will be set perfectly for your particular installation. If you have any trouble or questions about configuring the board for your tub simply call the number provided and you will talk to a real person that speaks real English that knows everything about this unit and will talk you thru any changes you might need to make for your individual tub. I can not speak highly enough about the customer support you will get from this company. Do not hesitate to buy from trinity. God Bless.

  121. Marie-Ann Scala

    I purchased the Apollo 11 pack when my 10 year old hot tub died over a month ago and the cost to get someone to just look at it was exorbitant.
    Shipping was fast and the instructions/video for installation were clear and very helpful. I had a minor issue with needing the adapter connectors even though mine looked as though they should work with the Apollo they didn’t- customer service was superb and shipped them out immediately.
    Henri was amazing- SO patient with my multiple phone calls and questions! It took a few restarts due to the water being so cold (NY winter in the 20’s) but my tub is better than new now.
    So grateful for the amazing customer service and products you make

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