Apollo 11 V Spa Pack
(Does Not Allow Circulation Pump)

$429.00 Taxes only applicable to residents of Pennsylvania

Apollo 11 V Pack Digital Spa Controller/Spa Pack/Spa Control System with Heater 


(2) 2 Speed Pumps, Plus Blower or Pump 3, Ozone,

Fiber Optic Light. 12V Light

Can be wired for 120 V-240 V 3 wire or 240 V 4 wire


designed, assembled, and supported in america

The Apollo 11 V Spa Pack Controller is an economical, easy to install, complete spa control system that can be used to upgrade or replace the original control system for most hot tubs. Works with either 120V or 240V spas.  

The system has three heat modes: Standard, Economy, and Weekend. This saves on operating costs by allowing you to choose whether you want the water hot all the time, only on weekends, or economy heating.

Preset filtering for 2 hours, twice a day maintains water clarity. Filter time can be set, or you can use the default time. The system can be plumbed to either the intake or the discharge side of the pump. It is a direct replacement spa pack for many OEM systems.

If the spa currently uses a 15′ heater and the equipment plugs are Amp style, this system should be a direct replacement. If not some re-plumbing may be necessary, and the pump cords may require an adapter to be changed.

The system is designed to be installed by a qualified spa technician. Electrical connections to be made in accordance with state and local codes, and in accordance with the National Electric Code. The spa must be connected to a GFIC.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2.5 × 15 in
1 Speed Pump 2 & Blower

1 Sp Pump 2 & Blower or Pump 3, 2 Speed Pump 2


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