Hot Tub Top Side Control Panel – Apollo 11 Spa Pack Replacement Part

$119.00 Taxes only applicable to residents of Pennsylvania

Control your Apollo 11 spa pack powered hot tub with this illuminated and easily viewable (day or night) top-side control panel. Easily replace your damaged unit with this replacement part.

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This is the hot tub top-side control panel compatible with the Apollo 11 digital spa controller (Standard, V Pack, & VC Pack). Our illuminated LCD display is easy to see in direct sunlight or pitch-black night darkness. The unit is 6.75 inches wide and 3 inches tall. The back cut-out is 4×2 inches.

With this easy-to-use-and-install top-side control panel for the Apollo 11 Spa Pack digital controller, you can control the temperature (with up and down arrows), jets, lights, and auxiliary power (on or off). 

After ordering this replacement part, you’ll receive both the top-side panel and the cable to connect the display unit to the spa pack replacement controller.

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