How Does The Apollo 11 Stack Up Against The Competition? Hint: It Rises Above Them

aerial view of a forest hot tub
Apollo 11 Spa Pack & Hot Tub Controller

There are numerous Spa Pack options when it comes to making your spa like-new, again. But, we believe the Apollo 11 rises above the competition for several key reasons.

  • The Apollo 11 is the most affordable option.
  • With only three models, it’s easy to discover which Apollo 11 spa pack you need. And, it’s probably the standard pack.
  • The Apollo 11 is designed, assembled, and supported in America. When you call, a knowledgeable technician is available to get you going.
  • Every unit is tested to ensure its working as expected.

Extending the life of your hot tub is a smart decision. Selecting the Apollo 11 lets you go on and on until the walls of your spa disintegrate 😀

Spa Pack Comparisons

Explore our specific hot tub spa pack comparisons with the Apollo 11 below.

The Apollo 11 is also a great alternative to the following spa replacement packs.

  • Spaguts Spa Controller
  • Waterway NEO Spa Pack Replacement
  • Spa Kit
  • Epack Spa Pack
  • Hydroquip Heatmax Spa Pack Kit
  • United Spas CT Electronic Control Box
  • Acura Spa Systems: Universal Spa Control
  • Aeware Replacement Spa Pack
  • ACC (Applied Computer Controls) Spa Controller Pack
  • C5 Control System Spa Controller
several boys celebrating in a hot tub by a swimming pool
Celebrate that working hot tub!